Scientific Illustration

Acanthopeltartes head

Acanthopeltartes head

ink 7.5”x6.75” 2009
© Brian Koehler

Published in the Manual of Central American Diptera Volume 2 by the National Research Council of Canada.

As the Scientific Illustrator for the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, I did hundreds of pen and ink drawings (from simple to very complex and everything in between), with all the shading done by stippling . Large or small, simple or complex, these drawings were all highly detailed, very meticulous, and very specific – they were done for scientific publications and meant to be used by researchers, and the like, for years to come. They have been printed in books, journal articles, and so forth; as well as been used on the web. Below are just a small sampling of those drawings (anyone wishing to see more, please contact me). Click on a thumbnail to see the full illustration.

Acanthopeltartes head new genus Texas head Apocephalus species 299 head Apocephalus species 297 head Minicosta mollyae head new phorid Q full body Jealia Pulcherrima full body Protoplatyphora female full body Protoplatyphora male full body
Hypocera electra full body Rhopica dorsal body tad123 species dorsal body Epicnemis species 10 terminalia Epicnemis species 9 terminalia Epicnemis species 7 terminalia Ctenopleuriphora decemsetalis terminalia Hypocera miriamae terminalia Apocephalus meekerjensenae ovipositor
Apocephalus ovipositors Apocephalus platypalpis ovipositor Apocephalus platypalpis oviscape Notaulacella wing 3 scutellum Pseudogaurax thorax Apocephalus necdivergens stylet Megaselia scalaris abdomen Megaselia suburbia abdomen