Hair set

Moorpark College 2017
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Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair
Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair
Hair set Hair set Hair set Hair set Hair set Hair set Hair drawing

Hair started with the concept and idea of we can do better.  There are a variety of problems we are facing as a country at the time we are doing this show, and there were a variety of problems our country was facing at the time this show was created.  Instead of being negative or belligerent about the state of our country then and now, we chose more of an approach of: we can do better… rise above… stand and be heard… be kind… love… be exactly WHO you are…  So, the idea of our voice came to mind - how do you speak out when you cannot really speak out?  I figured I would do so through art.  But how to do so to get the idea across?  So art overtaking an “industrial” structure came to mind.  From this came the concept of it being an actual space - and then to our space.  Instead of trying to create a location, we just used the theatre.  We used no curtains or traditional masking.  We hung boards on piping, and left it that way - raw.  Then we painted.  We painted the House walls of the theatre.  We painted the back walls of the stage.  We painted the boarding that was put up on pipe.  We didn’t paint it to be something else.  We did it paint the boards, or the walls, or whatever.  The space became the character’s space - they essentially lived there, and they filled it with their message - through painting, and later set dressing - elements that said we were here, we matter, and each of us has something to say.  This set was meant to be a piece of art.  And it was meant to be a message.  The message of individuals, and the message of those individuals coming together in solidarity.