Alice In Wonderland

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2008
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This production was done as readers’ theatre and therefore my job was to create more of a setting and mood, than an actual scenic location. I wanted to create something intimate and inspired by the literature. My base concept was raised stage area where the performers could sit, backed by murals depicting events, characters, and so forth from the novel. Since there is no movement involved (or very little… as it turned out in the end…) the stage itself is relatively small, enough room for three chairs, and is raised so the audience would have no problem seeing people sitting and story telling for the entirety of the show. I wanted to have the whole thing to have a polished and finished off look, but still a bit theatrical, and quirky. So the setting is finished wood with accent molding, but highlighted with slight purples, the whole thing is raised and sort of floating in an ambiguous, swirly purple ground floor (which is never accessed by the actors, they make their entrances from upstage), and it is bookended with nice burgundy curtains. As for the murals, I ended up going with three, instead of my originally intended one, to add some depth to the space, and just make it looked a little more involved. The murals were done somewhat stylized to old book images – outlined darkly and filled in with color using a loose water color-esque style. This was finished off with a few of nice chairs (two of which were GREAT Alice-y finds) and some soft lighting. All together creating a nice and atmospheric space for the reading.