As You Like It

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2006
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full set stage right detail stage left detail scene scene Celia's swing final set rendering

The Forest of Arden was the main local of the show, and although there were a few minor locations outside of it, I chose to set the show in a clearing within the Forest of Arden, and then imply the other locations with light changes. The main structure was already in the theatre, so I opted to go with ruins to augment the architectural look that was there. Overall, I wanted it to be very open and airy, despite the small theatre space, so the walls were painted with perspective to give the feel of the forest continuing off all around. Two trees were carved out of styrofoam; flowers and greenery were added “growing” out of cracks and crevasses and from behind scenic pieces; and a swing, which dropped from the ceiling upstage right, was added for our Celia.