The Braid of the Muses

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2009
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The entirety of the show takes place in the office of an old Greek mythology/history professor – whose mind is slipping further and further from the present and into the past – and ancient past. So, while relatively simplistic – over-all – the set needs to be lived in, somewhat unkempt, chocked full of this guy’s life, and a representation of where is mind is at the moment. To accomplish this, I’ve opened the space up, and tried to give some variety to the walls and floors – making it not a typical looking office/apartment. Then it is just a matter of filling it with old furniture, books, and set dressing of all types. Then there were a few secret hiding places about the space. And it was all finished off with warm, muted lighting with a few “magical” effects tossed in for key moments. The end result being that the professor’s living and working space really reflects his life, his mind, his passion, and his obsession.