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The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2007
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Breath is the exploration of one man’s mind and memories as seen through four different “realities”. First is his Confab Reality, which is the manipulated reality he currently resides in. Next is his Dream realm where various aspects of his realities intertwine. Then you have his Subdream, which is the pure corner of his mind where all truths are laid bare. And finally you have pure Reality, which is the unmanipulated reality that other characters can enter, but the main character can enter only after coming to terms with the truth and leaving his Confab Reality. To help represent this, I have created a sectioned stage - the upper level and middle level are the two areas of his Confab Reality: his apartment, and a dream research institute called the Establishment respectively; and the downstage area which is Reality. The Dream area comprises both upper and middle levels, but never the downstage one. And finally Subdream is limited to a single spot light near center stage, and blue light coming in through the upstage doors. Various elements were added to help express the idea that this was an altered place - one in fact where they never actually leave the institute. The walls and floors are done all as one, and in colors suggesting some sort of sterile facility. The furniture of his Confab areas sort of sits oddly and out of place here, including pieces of carpeting which almost seem like sort of islands. The doorways are simply holes to signify that they go really no where. And the empty pictures frames are there to signified his altered memories. A lot was done with lighting to, not only to differentiate areas, but also generate odd and out of place effects, to further suggest that all is not right.