A Christmas Carol

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2006
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full set full set with bed fireplace detail scene Marley's Ghost Ghost of Christmas Present Ghost of Christmas Present opulence detail

The basic setup for this show was an interior portion, downstage, which was primarily Scrooge’s room, but also functioned as multiple other locations; and an upstage “street” which consisted of a handful of buildings allowing actors to enter from multiple places. That was the basic; the tricky parts were all the things this place had to do. There was a fireplace with a concealed door in the back for the entrance of Marley’s Ghost; a closet that, when the doors were closed, would be switched into various doorways, as well as the opulent seating area of the Ghost of Christmas Present; and a four-poster bed which had to move on and off stage throughout the production. These are just a few of the things this set had to do. There were also other things that were begun, but later cut due to the way the director set things up. These included a concealed compartment in the bed where the Ghost of Christmas Past could come from, and an upstage trap where the Ghost of Christmas Future could be revealed... a lot of effort for things never ultimately used. Overall, though, everything proved quite effective. The minimal furniture used was able to move efficiently on and off stage. By utilizing the street and the closet, as well as a couple of other locations, a small black box theatre was able to have a number of places actors could emerge from during Scrooge’s travels; and lighting, while limited, was able to get a nice general as well as some effective specials for each of the Ghosts.