Laudry Yard scene

Cardinal Stritch University Theatre 2004
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Laundry Yard scene Laundry Yard scene with Fairy Godmother fireplace detail Pumpkin Carriage scene Palace scene Pumpkin Carriage detail Pumpkin Carriage detail
Palace final rendering            

This show was not only designed to follow the basic fairy tale, but also to be large and magical unto itself; and while the show was for all audiences, I was designing it with the idea that it would be every little girl's dream come true. It had two different locations: the Laundry Yard outside Cinderella’s home (with its absurd amounts of hanging laundry to exaggerate Cinderella’s labor) and the Prince’s Palace. A great number of fly lines were used to make this work, as well as several movable scenic units. The “magic” of this show was achieved through choreographed movements of the flown units - controlled by the Fairy Godmother and her magic - and a good deal of subtle, but prominent, lighting and sound effects. Another major element was the Pumpkin Carriage - which was a mobile piece, largely carved from styrofoam. For coloring, I wanted the magical carriage to have grown from the natural pumpkin, so I started with oranges and browns (and greens for the stem and so on) and then painted outward from that with whites and gold.