Cyrano de Bergerac

Roxana's Balcony set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2006
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Roxana's Balcony set Roxana's Balcony scene Paris Theatre scene Ragueneau's Cafe scene The Siege of Arras scene The Siege of Arras with Roxana's letter scene Convent set
bricks detail Set pieces arranged into a lobby display while not being used          

This was a huge, multi-set show which had to be staged in a small black box theatre. So, not only was there the challenge of the scenery on stage and the movement from one location to another, but there was also the issue of where to put the scenery that was not currently being used. Scene changes were choreographed and done very quickly and to live violin music as to not interrupt the flow of the show - the larger ones being done during intermissions (there were two, because the show clocked in at just over three hours). Scenery was stored everywhere: it was masked on stage, hidden in isles, and there was even a lobby display set up which audience didn’t know was scenery until it was brought on stage - every nook and cranny was used. The stage itself was done in a basic brick and stone painting scheme for the floors and black for the walls. Upstage black curtains were used for indoor scenes and a small cyc was revealed for outdoor scenes. The show consisted of five locations: a theatre in Paris, Ragueneau’s Cafe, the balcony outside Roxana’s house, the siege of Arras during the war, and a convent in Paris fifteen years after the war. In addition to the sets, a lot of lighting effects were used to convey the moods of the very different scenes, most notably the very low deep blues for night at Roxana’s and the very warm tones used for the siege of Arras.