Moorpark College 2014
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Renfield Lucy's Bedroom Lucy's Bedroom Harker Monologue Lucy's Bedroom detail Shipwreck Shipwreck detail
Sanitarium Dracula's Castle Dracula's Castle Dracula's Castle Asylum Guestroom Asylum Guestroom Asylum Guestroom detail
Renfield's Cell Lucy's Tomb Lucy's Tomb Outside Dracula's Castle Dracula's coffin/box SR proscenium detail SR proscenium detail
SR desk detail SL proscenium detail SL proscenium detail floor detail Renfield's pit detail full set set rendering

Dracula is a production, that if we were going to create every place and effect every change, would consist of about 12 different locations and some 34 scene changes – a daunting task for even the largest of theatres… On top of that, it had to flow smoothly and organically, never pausing, and never allowing the audience to be taken out of the experience, to escape…  This was done, instead, with broken and implied scenery, untraditional entrances scattered about the stage, and a stylization that had it all flow together.  The overall concept for this is the ever-present and inescapable presence of Dracula – the production is not about him, it IS him.  Broken scenery, windows, the constant realization that outside is unavoidable, and that nowhere is safe.  It is dark and oppressive, and while it contains realistic elements, it is largely stylized and painterly.  The realism it contains is warped and abstracted, to instill a sense of “wrongness” with the audience.  It is set in the traditional time of England in the late 1800s – so the core elements are based on that.  It was also important to me to incorporate elements of Dracula in a variety of aspects – the book and literary figure, the historical figure of Vlad Dracula, and the history and mythology of vampires in general.  And the devil is truly in the details, which cannot be seen in most photos, and even by much of the audience – wolf and flower imagery for Lucy, rats used as shading in the Asylum, flies and blood about Renfield’s cell, bat motifs in the stonework of Dracula’s castle, the false proscenium “carved” with impaled victims and a credo of the Order of the Dragon in ancient Cyrillic, and 13 bloody handprints on the main stage floor… this is just some of the meticulous detailing that went into this production.