Hansel & Gretel

Gingerbread House with Candy Cage

Cardinal Stritch University Theatre 2003
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Gnome and Bird arrive Deep Dark Forest Cottage Hypnotism scene Gingerbread House scene Gingerbread House scene Gingerbread House with Candy Cage

Since this was a classic fairy tale, the concept approached was the look of a children’s book. Utilizing many pieces of flown scenery as well as rolling set pieces, three different locations were created: the deep dark forest, the family’s cottage in the woods, and the witch’s home complete with gingerbread house, giant oven, and candy cage. All the scene changes were incorporated into the flow of the show, using the witch’s “magic” to do things like fly trees around and bring candy cages crashing down from above; and what couldn’t happen “magically” she could send her minions, the Gnome and Bird, to do - such as spin a cottage into a gingerbread house or roll on a giant oven.