Henry IV Part 1 and 2

Henry IV

Moorpark College 2013
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Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV
Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV Henry IV      

This was Henry IV Part One and Two done in rep of one another.  The concept of these shows was to do traditional Shakespeare – not design locations specific to the shows themselves, but to design a Shakespearean stage.  My goal was sort of a mash-up of the Globe and a two-story Shakespearean thrust.  So really it was about creating an interesting space, that was a stage, and that had a variety of playing spaces for the actors.  There were multiple on-stage levels; there was also a lowered thrust that actually went out over the first two rows of audience seating, which allowed the actors to move right up into the midst of the audience; and stairs down from the thrust that allowed the actors into the House aisles.  The primary look of the walls was lumber that was stained to bring out the natural grain of the wood, this was accented with trim and facing done in browns – some done like classic stages of the like, and some with castle-like elements here and there to give it a little Henry feel.  The pillars and the banister rails were done reminiscent to those at the Globe.  The floor was painted to look like a natural covering (dirt, rushes, etc.) spread over a wood paneled floor, which peeked through here and there.  The only scenic additions were a few pieces of furniture brought on here and there, a Boar’s Head Tavern sign that flew in for the tavern scenes, and two lines of hanging greenery that flew in for the scenes that took place in the forest. Overall it was meant to be large and towering – as most traditional Shakespearean stages seem to be - yet a backdrop for the Shakespearean players.