Love's Labour's Lost

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2008
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This show has sort of an ambiguous setting, some are probably right outside of a castle, some are indoors, and some are elsewhere; however, nothing had any specific needs which regulated it had to be set somewhere specific. So I opted to go with a unit set (thus eliminating needless and distracting scene changes) that was essentially the courtyard out front of a castle - which seemed most appropriate for the action and story of the show. Now, castles settings can be somewhat heavy and constricting, and this is a Shakespearean comedy, so I wanted to make this a stone castle structure, but lighten it up a bit. This was accomplished by things like arched doorways, circular pillars, decorative design work, minimal “heavy stone block looks”, and a brighter color scheme (as opposed to varying grays). It was finished up with a cobble stone lower floor and a smattering of greenery. All together this gave it the needed architectural feel of being a castle, but pulled it away from the more weighty castle (that it probably would actually have been), and made use of more of a design choice.