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The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2010
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The Witches of this production of Macbeth were set up as a major through-line throughout the events of the story – so it was requested that the scenic elements reflect this. It was also requested that the scenery be rocky and natural (as opposed to a castle, for instance), and incorporate prominently the Witches’ cauldron and a representation of the Eight Kings mentioned in one of their scenes. So… I approached this first with the idea of craggy rock and a somewhat dead-looking landscape. The Eight Kings were incorporated via heads (with crowns) and body parts emerging from the upstage walls. The cauldron was set up center with a throne-like structure at its base, so Macbeth would be seated at the cauldron (essentially) as king. I then incorporated all sorts of little witch-y… supernatural… hopefully creepy… elements throughout. Such as a pillar “carved” with all sorts of runes; bone here and there – including a skull nestled into the cauldron and a twined bone creation atop the pillar; a bloody handprint on the cauldron, as if something had crawled out of it; and so on and so forth. It was all finished off with smoke spilling from the cauldron and dim, moody lighting – with special attention paid to those creepy moments where the Witches were at their work…