The Mandragola

Mandragola full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2011
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full set stage right stage left church scene scene night scene
window scene dance          

The setting for this production was Florence during the early Italian Renaissance, taking place on a street, and calling for three distinctive entrances into buildings, and two other street entrances. Working in a black box theatre, I strived to give this a creative floor plan, instead of just going an easier, more generic route, thus the resulting layout. There is a house to stage left, and one to stage right; there is a church center upstage, a street/ally entrance that is upstage left entering between the church and the stage left house, and there is a street entrance from downstage near the audience. Additionally there was the request for an internal scene, however, quick flow was very important to this show, so instead of dealing with a potentially laborious scene change, I opted for the addition of a window, that would let us look in on the small interior scene – achieving a very desirable mood, with no more hassle than opening a curtain. In addition, curtains where decided upon, instead of actual doors for practical reasons, flow reasons, and the fact that in keeping with the style of the show, curtains were far more appropriate. As far as color goes, I was asked to look at the paintings of Botticelli, so I approached it from color schemes he predominantly used. Lights were pretty general, although there were some specials for dances, and some gimmicks that went with the comedic mood of the show to drop the lighting from general, piece by piece, into night.