The Posthumous Affairs of Felson, Jones and Lordygan

full set

The Long Beach Shakespeare Company 2006
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Private poet’s hell, writer’s limbo, or simply a space existing only in the remnants of the minds of our posthumous writers. This was the premier of Posthumous Affairs, an original piece by one of our company members which takes place in, well, in undetermined location. The story follows the interactions of three deceased writers as they try to fill the void that is their trapped afterlife; and attempt to figure out just where they are, why they are there, and how they leave. I really wanted this place to have sort of cold, unnatural feel, something with aspects natural and others not quite right. The flooring and the furniture is everyday, if somewhat too much so. All the vertical surfaces are black to give it sort of a floating undefined spatial quality and the flats in the back are actually covered with hundreds of actual book pages - both of which are aspects which are not to be noticed by the characters, but to enhance the look for the audience. The final piece is the freestanding doorway upstage, which is called for in the script - this goes unnoticed by the characters for the most part, but is found to be the way in and out of the place if only they can figure out how to use it. Lighting was very important to this show; in addition to the general, each writer had area specials, and the door was lit from behind by a light which came through a hole cut in one of the back flats through a covering a book pages to mask the actual light source.