Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude to a Kiss full set

Moorpark College 2013
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Prelude to a Kiss full set Prelude to a Kiss Prelude to a Kiss Prelude to a Kiss Prelude to a Kiss Prelude to a Kiss Prelude to a Kiss
Prelude to a Kiss Prelude detail Prelude detail Prelude detail Prelude detail Prelude detail Prelude rendering

The idea that stuck with me when approaching this set, was that it was the attic of Rita’s mind – Rita being the female lead in the show.  I always had the feeling that we were in a memory, despite the fact that I don’t think we were supposed to be.  All the places visited in the production were those belonging to Rita, so it felt all the more that the setting was hers.  The idea of the attic, or the memory, was that things were a bit “off” – couple that with the Director wanting to explore the concept of fairy tale in the show (particularly Little Red Riding Hood, Peter and the Wolf, and the Frog Prince), and you have a very detailed set with a lot of little hidden nuances.  Scattered all over the set are little fairy tale references, odd little things like flowers growing out of floors and furniture, and hints of red which the Director chose as Rita’s color.  This idea of being in Rita’s head also lent itself to the idea I wanted to pursue of doing a unit set where all the locations inhabit the stage at once – multiple real settings in an unreal space – so that the characters could walk seamlessly from one location to another, without being delayed by scene changes.  When I presented this concept, the Director immediately thought of a tiered garden and suggested we look into that to further heighten the unreal space – hence the rocky facade.  Four different major floor treatments were done – one for the main floor and general spaces, and one for each of the main locations: Rita’s Apartment, Rita’s parents home, and the Tin Market (Rita’s place of work) – these floor treatments were all very different, but each tied to one another, as well as with the rocky walls, with shared colors throughout.  The final touch were the large standing cyc-screens.  Instead of using a large white cyc upstage as normal, we went with five smaller standing screens to further add to the “off-ness” of the space, as well as to help us focus down to smaller areas.