A Streetcar Named Desire

full set

Cardinal Stritch University Theatre 2003
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This was a single unit set and designed around the architecture and style of an old home in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The director had said this show was about a war between two characters - so I took this as the concept for the scenic element as well. For this a very fractured and break-away look was used, it was sort of designed from a silhouette - if there are no lights on the stage except for the cyc, the set takes on the appearance of a bombed out building. A garden and iconic element were added in the back, something that further explores the New Orleans setting. The street, which is usually staged behind the house, was brought to the front of the stage to be able to play more things “outdoors” as well as further emphasis this gritty aspect of the staging; complete with working street lamp and various trash and clutter. The hanging ceiling fan was another touch to help create the stifling nature of not only the summer in New Orleans, but also the mood of various scenes within the show.