Scenic Design

The scenic element of a production is not simply a place for the actors to perform - it is a character itself; with a story, a history. It should not distract from the performing, but nor should it be neglected - it should intertwine with all other aspects of the production, presenting a story. I strive for a mixture of realism and theatricality, it is a form of art, and that concept enhances the idea of theatre; I also delight in nuances, little things that may or may not be noticed, but add character. Click on a link below to go to a gallery of images for each show.

A Streetcar Named Desire Hair Night of the Living Dead Hairspray
Almost Maine Much Ado About Nothing Dracula Pirates of Penzance
Prelude to a Kiss Henry IV Chicago The Mandragola
Macbeth The Braid of the Muses Sherlock Holmes and a Scandal in Bohemia Love's Labour's Lost
Alice In Wonderland The Bacchae A Midsummer Night's Dream The Wakefield Second Shephard's Play
The Maltese Falcon Breath Richard III The Merchant of Venice
A Christmas Carol The War of the Worlds Cyrano de Bergerac The Posthumous Affairs of Felson, Jones, and Lordygan
Antony & Cleopatra Taming of the Shrew As You Like It Macbeth
Cinderella Love Rides the Rails A Streetcar Named Desire Hansel & Gretel
Suddenly Last Summer The Bungler Androcles and the Lion Dracula
A Midsummer Night's Dream