I have been drawing for as long as I can remember… recreating He-Man characters and designing my own Transformers as a kid back in the ‘80s…  While continuing to pursue art into my college years, I found live theatre and fell in love with that creative world as well.  As a professional, I have been active in the arts now for almost 20 years.
In the art world I focus on illustration, and create primarily with traditional media.  I adore the world of fantasy illustration – game art, book covers, etc so that is my focus; however, I have worked in many artistic areas, including a five-year stint as a full-time scientific illustrator.  In the theatre my focus is on scenic design, as well as scenic fabrication (construction, painting, etc); however, I have worked in advanced positions throughout many of the technical theatre areas, including technical direction.  I also have a particular passion for educational theatre, and have been teaching and working in that environment for close to a decade.
Currently I am doing scenic design and teaching technical theatre and design at a college.  I am working on my illustration portfolio, and hope to soon be able to make freelance illustration a major component to my career.  I am also always looking at regular work options in the worlds of design, illustration, scenic painting, scenic art, and the like.
What media do you illustrate in? 
I primarily work in oil paint; I dabble in acrylics and watercolor, but primarily use them as a support for finished oil work, or an aspect of that work.  I also work a lot in pencil and ink.
Do you illustrate digitally?
I know my way around Photoshop as a digital imaging tool, but I do not paint digitally.  I am familiar with general Creative Suite programs, but my focus is not digital illustration.
Do you design traditionally or digitally?
I have been designing by hand for most of my career.  I am also proficient in Vectorworks and have been using it for my most recent designs.
What monitor calibration were your images imported with?
I work on a relatively new iMac.  Since images look different under different monitors, I hope that providing information on how I am looking at and adjusting them helps where needed.
How do you import your images or acquire production photographs?
For illustration, I scan in my art and piece it back together and adjust in Photoshop.  For theatrical production work, I get images from a production photographer, and then (again) adjust in Photoshop as needed.

More to come as things develop…

Brian - May 2020

Thank you!