I have been drawing for as long as I can remember… recreating He-man characters and designing my own Transformers as a kid back in the ‘80s…  Drawing, and from there painting and illustrating, has always been a part of who I am.  Even when I am doing other creative work, my ideas of illustration come through – storytelling through pictures, and ideally a glimpse into the soul of what is being portrayed – whether character, creature, place, event, or even an object.
Fantasy illustration, and the like, has always been the main focus in this area – creating art for book covers, role playing games, card and board games, and so on.  These are worlds that grab my attention and creative mind and don't let go.  They are worlds of immense detail and possibility, worlds of unique character and individuality; they are worlds that I want to contribute to, and be a part of.
In addition to the fantasy style work, I have done a wide variety of illustration types over the years, little bits of this and that.  This includes five years as a scientific illustrator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County – while there I produced hundreds of Entomological drawings published in books and journals all over the world.  Additionally, I created hundreds of digital imaging and photo plates for various research departments (and continue to do so occasionally); these also are published around the world.
I create primarily with traditional media (though I do often use Photoshop as a digital imaging tool), but I am looking to work on adding digital painting media to my repertoire.
During my college years, I segued into the world of theatre, starting with a focus on scenic painting, then onto construction, and eventually to scenic design and technical direction.  I have been painting and building scenery now for over 22 years now.  I have been designing sets for theatrical productions for about 18 years.
In scenic design, I love nuance and detail, and I truly believe that you are not simply designing a place for actors to perform, but instead a character for them to act with – a character with its own story and history.  While most of the specifics of this subtle work will be lost to many audience members, I do believe that the viewer would notice the absence of this work, and even subconsciously would find some element of what they are perceiving as lacking, and therefore pull them out of the world you are trying to immerse them in…
Even when designing, I have a tendency to lean towards painting.  It calls back to my original artistic passion and fuel.  I have done pretty much every technical position within the theatre at some point; and if I had to pick a focus - outside of designing - it would be scenic painting and art.  You can do so many wonderful things with paint on scenery, and is an area of creativity I can easily lose myself in.
My scenic work has almost entirely been in the theatre at this point, but I do have some minor experience working on film and television sets, doing a bit of scenic and prop work there, and a bit of scenic design as well.  I would love to try my hand at scenic art and painting for the film and television world, and see what that develops into.
The world of theatrical design and technical direction has taken the forefront in my work for the last close to two decades.  I have run entire theatrical technical departments, and been responsible for all aspects of scenic and technical production.  In my most recent position, I was the Performing Arts Center Technical Director and Resident Scenic Designer at Moorpark College, in Moorpark, CA – a position I held for a little over seven years before stepping down a couple months ago to pursue other creative opportunities.
Currently, I continue to teach and do scenic design at the college, but am hoping to also explore new areas of illustration, scenic design, and scenic art – in all areas of artistic publication, theatre, and the film/television world.  I am exploring freelance as well as full-time work opportunities.  My goal is to create, and find the projects and/or places where I can fulfill what I want out of myself personally and creatively.
A full resume of any area of my work is available upon request.
Brian 12/10/18